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Anonymous said:
« "THOUGH HE WAS AN OUTLIER AND REALLY OUGHT NOT TO BE COUNTED" omg i literally paused mid-fic to tell you that i think i'm in love with you. also, skye being passionately for justice and righting the wrongs of the world? i feel like that's the most in-character skye i've read in a fic in a long while, so mad props to you bruh. okay back 2 reading~ »

aww thank you random gray face! this makes might night! and okay right, i need skye who wants to change the world and believes she can do so if she talks to the right people and stands up for what she believes in and i just, tiny revolutionary skye who thinks she’s in the most boring place in the world (and she is, for now….)


the multifandom trash network: a network for anyone who’s ever thought ‘what the fuck is my main fandom anyway’

what i'm looking for:
  • active bloggers
  • a nice theme and decent posts, huge bonus points if you have a tagging system
  • even more bonus points if you make your own content (gifs, graphics, fanfiction, html etc) but it’s not important
  • most importantly i want people who are hopelessly multifandom
  • must be following me because this is my network motherfuckers
  • reblog this post
  • and that’s it!! there’s no dumb survey to fill in because i’ll be looking at everyone’s blog individually to see what you’re all like
  • i’d like to get as many fandoms in as possible but to start off with i feel like i need some kind of limit so only enter if you are in (and blog about) at least 3 of the following fandoms:
  • doctor who
  • game of thrones/asoiaf
  • hannibal
  • harry potter
  • marvel (comics, mcu and aos are all fine)
  • merlin
  • star trek
  • supernatural
  • teen wolf
  • tolkien
if you get in:
  • make sure your ask is open because i’ll send you a message saying you got in
  • you’ll need to submit an icon and description for the network page
  • please put a link to the network page somewhere on your blog!!
  • i understand that you won’t want to follow everyone in the network but please follow a few other members
  • you can track and use the tag #multifandomtrashnet for literally anything - graphics, gifs, fics, promos, help with things, even your selfies
  • you will get new friends, more followers and more notes woooh!!
other info:
  • i’ll be picking the first members on august 4th; i’ll make a post announcing them and then message them individually
  • i’ll pick 10 people at first but i want to make the network as big as possible so more will be added soon (so u can keep reblogging this even after i pick the first 10)
  • must reach at least 20 notes or i’ll delete this and cry
  • message me if u have questions
  • good luck my sons
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* Let Me Live That Fantasy - a modern royalty skimmons au - chapter one

"I didn’t leave Uganda for this!" 

imma name the fictional country triskelion because i am uncreative and it kinda sounds like it could be a country yeah. 


Mark down September 1st as the beginning of the first hopefully annual Skimmons week! This is open for anyone and everyone, in all forms; Write, draw, make gifs, make videos, make graphics, make headcanons, anything!

The point of this week is to make more great works for this wonderful pairing. You don’t need to do something everyday, and you don’t even have to use the prompts given! Just join in in your own way and celebrate this ship :)

So the week of September 1st-7th tag all your works to #skimmons week so that everything is together. The prompts this year are:

Day 1: Missions

Day 2: Nightmares

Day 3: AU

Day 4: Healing

Day 5: Music

Day 6: Vulnerability

Day 7: Future

If you have any questions or anything at all please ask me or picardspajamas and we will gladly answer them :) We look forward to seeing everything everyone comes up with! Also, quick thank you to ironbunneh who created the amazing artwork for this post.

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*tries to work on big bang thats due tomorrow* *writes 20 words in two hours*

*switches to working on new idea* *3k in two hours*

“People can come back, right? As ghosts. They don’t have to disappear completely.”

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feel free to ignore this rant. or comment on it. i dont care im kind of done with certain family people right now and i have no clue what im doing with my life so i wanted to write this all down and yeah…. 

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