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classicist in training.

agent of shield.

team dragonstone

house baratheon

elves of mirkwood

district one


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current writing projects: hrbb 14. polybang fic. let me live that fantasy. last night's dress.

current graphics projects: another meme i won't finish



i’m saying all men are weak

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do u have a ship u like but u only like it when its shipped a certain way

except a lot of people dont ship it that way

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howard + peggy | pre-tfa
i’m about to do something stupid. you’ll be my call.
aren’t i always?
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You looked into my mind and you’ve seen a lot of bad but you’ve seen the good too. The X-Men. Promise me you’ll find us. Use your power, bring us together. Guide us, lead us. Storm, Scott, Jean…remember those names. There’s so many of us. We will need you Professor.
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prompt twelve: autumn

for itsamagical100

“I have three words for you,” Skye announces, her face full of glee, “Pumpkin. Spice. Latte.”

“You know those aren’t actually good for you right? They’re full of preservatives, and no actual pumpkin and-“

“Jemma, I love you and all, but please, do not ruin my favorite season with your… your science.”

She looks like she wants to say something else, probably insist that her ‘science’ was right or whatever, but she just sighs, clearly giving up on trying to reason with Skye and just says, “autumn is your favorite season?”

“Excuse me,” Skye teases, “I’m pretty sure you mean pumpkin spice latte season.”

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AU meme: Star Trek AU ~ Inspired by x

Where Uhura is the captain of the USS Enterprise and Carol is her first officer.
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X-Men Days of Future Past: Power Piece - Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat

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/whispers….stick with brand recognition…ie as a fan, i would get hella confused <3

hahaha, i know thats probs while ill never change even tho i have so many good urls i would to use.

ughh i kinda feel like changing my url again, but at the same time. brand recognition. 

deanlirium      ✿